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Yes, I got engaged in 25 with my relationship coaching formula!


For years I was helping individuals in relationships. Through my past relationship experiences. I was saving marriages, helping people heal from past relationship hurt, helping them prepare for love, and helping them find love. If it had to do with relationships I was the expert. From social media platforms, private coaching, events, and even family interventions. Saving people from losing hope in love has always ben my niche.

Well, in 2017 my social media platform begin to propel tremendously. It was buzzing and drawing people all over the world. It was also raising a lot of questions about my personal life. People that had been following me for years had unfollowed me. Amazingly, after I announced our engagement, they inboxed me. They informed me that they had lost hope because I was not married. How could someone who gives everyone advice, or help people find love not be in love. No one knew that I could care less about being married at the time.

So when it did come time to be found a lot of people ask me what I did. In private coaching I would assign written exercise assignments to help people rediscover themselves. I went on a fast in that month. I also took my healing program, communication program, and marriage prep program together for the month of December 2017.

Yes, I coached myself and through accountability I found so many issues that didn't make me wife material.

Yes, I coached myself to be found!

We met at the church we were attending. When I learned he was interested in me, I curved him. Months later while going on a fast God told reminded me that I’d be aligned with my husband by Dec 31st.( I never thought it was him) After church Dec 31st he asked me to lunch and he expressed how he felt and what he prayed about. It was the same thing God told my husband would say. We hung out all day and met back at church for watch service. After our watch service we went on another date followed by parking lot conversation that lead to 9 am the next morning. So we went on two dates in one day. He told he’d be back at 8 to ask me to be his girl. So I had less than 12 hours to think and honestly I just slept. Lol. At 7:47P.M. he was in my drive way and that when it hit me that was seriously it and this is why God had me coaching myself in the month of December. At 8 I said said “let’s do this” and he was shocked because I had no but. Lol I can see his face now. I had no idea that our connection drew him closer to believing in God. Because he had prayed for me and asked God to make me his. God made his faith stronger through our process.

He asked me to marry him January 25th in front of our kids. Omg I was cooking and he came into the kitchen, followed by the kids. I knew something was up because they all had this look on their faces. It took a while and sometimes I’m still in awe. I ran into the corner like “timeout” God what did you just do! Because it wasn’t until I was obedient to God, that everything aligned. People think love takes forever, but when you let God heal you and prepare you, It is all just a matter of time. I decided to focus on God and I forgot the word spoken over my life. The word was manifested the 31st of December. God never forgets his word, we just have to be obedient, and trust him to align with his timing.


Let's Break Down The Work You Are About To Put In

How many times will we meet?

We will meet once a week for 60 minutes via the webinar link. During theses 60 minutes we will discuss the homework exercise assignment. When you join today, you'll get your first exercise assignment that we will discuss during our first session. Then after every session you will receive your next session assignment for the next call.

What Is The Healing Program?

Lets do a weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Healing from the past

Week 2: Forgiveness & Self esteem assessment

Week 3: Relationship healing assessment

What Is The Communication Program?

Lets do a weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Communication assessment with 3 past, present, and future questions.

Week 2: Understanding your communication habits.

Week 3: Creating and developing new healthy communication habits.

What Is The Marriage Prep Program?

Lets do a weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Understanding your dating and attraction a pattern.

Week 2: Reevaluating your relationship attraction list.

Week 3: Self re-elevation accountability. What type of wife are you vs who you want to be check.

(These are not the questions that will be assigned you but, but this is what the questions are regarding.)

What are people saying about Coach Rachel's programs?

Brooke took the program and was found while in private coaching. She actually beat Coach Rachel and got engaged in 24 days!

- Married (Georgia)

Oreal took time to work herself and she is now married!

- Married (Texas)

B.E took the challenge to work with Coach Rachel and she will soon seal the deal!

- Engaged (Georgia)

After group coaching and private coaching, somebody is now a Cynthia is a wife! After losing love through death she gained the desire to love again

- Married (US)

Monika was so thankful for the guidance that the programs gave her! Now she soon to be not just somebody's wife but Mark's wife.

- Engaged (US)


The I'm Somebody's Group Coaching

Join a group of other women with me every Saturday morning at 9 AM CST. December 6th, 11th, 18th 2021

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  • Group Saturday webinar to discuss exercises
  • at the end of program email assessment
  • Available webinar replay
  • 1-on-1 weekly sessions
  • weekly customized assignments
  • private phone session

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